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About Abby Nickerson

About Abby

I have been given a gift in this life, allowing me to easily connect with human beings, support them with their healing and bring greater love to their life journey. My passion for helping others and fascination of human nature has been present for as long as I can remember.

As a child, I recall feeling very connected to people on an emotional level. I would feel their happiness, love, sadness, anger and hurt, as if it were my own. I seemed to have this innate ability to “read” people and recognize when their bodies were not in alignment with their words, particularly with regard to health.

As an adult I learned what it meant to be an empath and clairsentient, and it became clear to me that these were some of the innate abilities I had felt for so many years.

I have held a long-time interest in health, wellness, alternative healing, and the belief that we have more control over our health than we are taught. At age 12 I was introduced to Louise Hay’s book “You Can Heal Your Life,” and began working with positive affirmations and the effects of the mind on the body. At age 17 I began adding regular massage therapy, chiropractic care, exercise, stretching and postural awareness to my life. My motivation stemmed from having scoliosis and knowing I wanted to do my best to live as long and active of a life as possible.

While attending Arizona State University, I fed my passion for people and human nature by studying Psychology, Sociology, Child and Human Development, Human Anatomy and Physiology, and graduated in 1998 with a B.S. in Family Resources and Human Development.  After receiving the many benefits of regular massage therapy in my own life, I decided to continue my education in 2003 and became a Certified Massage Therapist. I practiced for over 13 years in a variety of settings, including private practice, a wellness center, chiropractic offices and resort spas.

In 2006, about two years after I completed massage school, I shifted to an organic and chemical free lifestyle, began studying the Law of Attraction and receiving regular acupuncture. I made those changes in my life because I was experiencing seizures, and I knew I was not going to accept being on medication the rest of my life. I decided to look at what I was doing that might be causing the seizures, and as a result of shifting my lifestyle and mindset, I haven’t had a seizure since 2006, and I’ve been off medication since 2010.

I also believe in the importance of self-expansion and growth, and have made it a priority to study personal development for the past 30 years. Most recently, in 2016, I completed several courses through PSI Seminars, an organization offering breakthrough educational programs that help students discover their ultimate effectiveness and optimize their human potential.  These courses were incredibly transformational for me and have impacted my life greatly in more ways than one. I feel grateful these life-long passions and life experiences enable me to share with others and support individuals with their own healing.

My first experience with Reiki was when I was about 19, after my father had become a Reiki Master. I remember thinking it sounded pretty weird to be honest; however, I trusted him and he has been a huge influence in my life regarding natural living and healing. I decided to give it a shot after hurting my shoulder, and after two sessions my pain was gone! I was astounded at how well it worked, and that was all I needed to experience in order to believe.

Later while I was in massage school, I began studying energy work myself, and have continued my studies over the past 18 years.  In 2016 I decided to fully transition my practice to the intuitive energy healing and wellness coaching I offer today. Currently I am excited to soon be expanding my business to offer support in even greater ways. Stay tuned!  

In addition to my passion for helping people, I am also a lover of animals and the planet. I provided pet sitting services from 2003-2019, volunteered for animal rescue organizations such as Liberty Wildlife, and currently offer healing massage and Reiki to pets in the comfort of your home (Phoenix/Scottsdale, AZ). It has been a life-long dream of mine to rescue critters in need and I hope to someday bring that dream to fruition. Outside of work I enjoy being in nature, meditation, hiking, yoga, traveling, and spending time with friends and family, including my two furry felines. In 2017 I followed a long-term dream and moved to Kauai, HI. I absolutely love that island and look forward to going back.

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