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Abby Nickerson Reiki FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions                     

What does "Intuitive Energy Healing" mean?

Intuitive Energy Healing is quite limitless, and the techniques vary between practitioners. The general purpose of energy healing is to clear, balance and strengthen the energy flow of the body, as well as activate the body's natural ability to heal itself. This benefits you on all levels - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Often times, one will not even be aware they have an energy blockage in the body, and once it is identified and cleared, they experience greater clarity, a lift in spirits and confidence, as well as a reduction or elimination in chronic pain. I primarily use a combination of Reiki, Chakra Balancing and Applied Kinesiology. The intuitive side of my work includes messages and feedback I receive during a session, as well as recommendations for supporting you with healing. The "how" of this is not that easy to explain, as it is a result of psychic abilities I was born with, and have since recognized and honed through healing work with others. I recommend you receive a session and experience it for yourself!

How does a distance healing session work?

We are all made up of energy that vibrates at a particular frequency. During an energy healing session, I tune into your unique frequency, send healing energy, and receive information. I recommend clients schedule during a time and space where they may be comfortable and free from noise or distraction, as well as allow relax time afterward. I contact you by phone or video call, depending on your preference, and we discuss how you're feeling and what you would like to address. We then have a period of silence where you close your eyes, practice deep breathing and relax while I work. Occasionally I am guided to facilitate conversation during the session as part of the healing. We reconnect at the end to discuss what came up during the session, as well as any recommendations.

What Will I Feel and Experience?

This truly varies with every session. In general, clients feel lighter and an overall sense of relief and relaxation. It is not uncommon to feel warmth, tingling and/or slight pressure in certain areas, as well as have visions, see colors, and experience various emotions. It is important to understand that choosing this level of deep healing does not always feel comfortable. Sometimes painful memories surface and buried emotions come up to be seen and released. It is not unusual for these feelings and emotions to surface at a later time, once you have moved fully through the integration and processing of the session. If this scares you a bit it's okay and you are not alone! We are very much trained to suppress and avoid anything uncomfortable....particularly regarding trust and vulnerability. The important thing to remember here, is that optimal healing cannot truly be achieved without clearing out any existing "muck." In general, it is the buried emotions and feelings that manifest into physical dis-ease. Allowing yourself to move through any discomfort that may accompany your healing work, will ultimately result in the liberation of your soul, and a much more peaceful life, and I share that from personal experience as well as feedback from clients. So now, I invite you to trust yourself, trust in me, and know that my intention is always to create and hold a sacred confidential space for you to clear out any blocks getting in the way of you living the joyful life you so deserve!

What are Sacred Conversations?

Are you feeling stuck in any area of your life? Are you seeking greater joy in your relationships, or possibly moving through a recent break-up or divorce? Do you find yourself wishing for greater inner peace and overall health and wellness? Could you use some support with self-care and self-love? These are some of the examples of what I support you with through Sacred Conversations. Sometimes we just need some support to talk things through and shift the energy! I hold sacred space for you, provide empowering feedback and offer supportive tools for you to take with you. Sessions can be held in person or remotely through phone or video call.

How Do You Do What You Do?

This is a question I often receive and it's not necessarily one that is easy to answer. I am a Reiki Master and I have taken several courses within the art of energy healing, and chakra balancing. I practiced massage therapy and bodywork for over 15 years, and I've been practicing the energy healing I offer today for over seven years. My Bachelor's degree was heavily centered on human development, psychology and sociology, and I've held a passion for understanding and supporting  people since I was a child.

A large portion of what I do comes from natural born gifts that I am unable to explain. Through education, receiving energy healing work myself, and understanding and honing my skills, I began to open to and trust what was coming through. Similar to guiding someone when scratching an itch, bodies and organs speak to me and show  me where healing is needed. I see, hear and feel guidance. I connect with various aspects of people, for instance different time periods in their life, different ages, sometimes past lives, parallel realities and people in their lives, including those who have passed on. I am continually clearing, balancing and grounding my own energy, and I've learned to trust what I'm shown and guided to do during client sessions.

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