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Benefits of Energy Healing

Benefits of Intuitive Energy Healing

The human body is an incredibly intelligent living system that knows exactly what is needed for healing - we simply need to provide the tools. Proper nutrition and supplements, exercise, yoga, healing bodywork, and managing stress are wonderful examples of beneficial healing tools. Additionally, we have an emotional guidance system that does a very good job of letting us know when we are not in alignment with our best health and potential; for instance, feeling happy, energized and excited, vs. depressed, lethargic and angry. The important thing is that we LISTEN to this emotional guidance system. When we don’t listen and continue pushing through, the result is often a disconnection of self that can manifest into dis-ease within the body.

The intuitive energy healing and wellness coaching I provide creates a connection between you, your being and Divine Universal Intelligence. Healing energy flows through me into you, and your being does with it what it needs, communicating what is important for your best and highest self. I create and hold sacred space for you, facilitate the healing process and offer recommendations to support you on your life path. It is important to understand we are continually growing, shifting and evolving as we move through life; therefore, each session is unique depending on where you are in that moment in time. Some of the benefits you may receive through the work I offer include:

  • Clearing and balancing of the Chakras and energy flow of your body

  • An overall feeling of relaxation and peace

  • Reduction and relief of stress and anxiety

  • Reduction and elimination of pain

  • Feedback on the current functioning, or lack thereof, of bodily organs, glands, tissues and systems in your body

  • Recommendations for supplements, exercises and/or diet changes that will support your healing process

  • Feedback on your body’s response to your current emotional status, whether conscious or unconscious

  • Facilitation of emotional healing and life navigation through sacred talk therapy (see FAQ)

  • Assistance with the healing and release of current and past life traumas

  • Cutting and clearing of unhealthy cords connected to past hurts and traumas, as well as clearing of energetic parasites

  • Strengthening of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies

  • Connection with loved ones and/or past lives

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What is Reiki & Chakra Balancing

In Japanese, the word “Rei” means universal, and the word “Ki” means life energy. It is a form of healing bodywork that utilizes a light-to-no touch technique, and can be received from a distance. The overall goal is to enhance the flow of life energy in the body and stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal itself. All matter and life is made up of energy that moves and vibrates. When the energy flow of the body is blocked or unbalanced, dis-ease can occur, resulting in a diminished state of health. Restoring the flow of life energy can, therefore, assist with restoring healthy functioning of your body on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. The practice of Reiki is powerful, yet gentle, and clients often feel an overall sense of relaxation and peace. It is also common for clients to feel heat, tingling, energy flow, various emotions, as well as see colors and have visions.

Chakras, simply stated, are moving energy centers in the body. There are seven primary Chakras located along the central line of the body, from the base of the spine to the top of our head. When they become blocked or unbalanced, the energy flow in the body can also become blocked or unbalanced. This will directly impact our body systems, organs and glands, as well as our state of emotion. The goal in Chakra Balancing is to restore a healthy flow of your Chakra energy centers, promoting a healthy flow of energy in your body. Chakra Balancing also incorporates a light-to-no touch technique, and can be received from a distance.

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Treatment Pricing

Sessions are held in person at Scottsdale Acupuncture & Alternative Medicine, or remotely via phone or video call. An email summary is provided after each session (optional). 

90 Minute Intuitive Healing Energy Session $175 (All new client sessions are 90 minutes). Outside of first time sessions, this length of time is recommended when there is a gap of three or more months from your last visit. Buy six for $875 ($175 savings)

60 Minute Intuitive Healing Energy Session $150 (for returning clients only). Great for regular visits with a gap of two months or less from your last visit. Buy six for $750 ($150 savings)

60 Minute Sacred Conversations $125 Sometimes we just need to talk things through with someone to help bring us back into alignment, love and power. Buy six for $625 ($125 savings)

*HEALING BOOST PACKAGE $1250 This includes three 90 min Intuitive Healing Sessions and three 60 min Sacred Conversations. Perfect for those experienced with energy and holistic healing who are looking to amp up their wellness and self-care practice, who want support navigating a current life scenario, or those seeking assistance shifting and healing a past challenge or trauma.

*HEALING FOUNDATION PACKAGE $2,150 - Includes six 90 minute Intuitive Healing Sessions and six 60 min Sacred Conversations. Perfect for holistic healing newbies looking to create and set a foundation for self-care, and individuals navigating serious trauma, chronic injuries or health conditions.


**The Boost and Foundation packages are a deeper level of investment in your holistic and optimal health, and you will receive additional support from me in between sessions. Some examples include mini moments of remote energy healing, supplement and nutrition review, unlimited text and email communication to answer questions you may have, and recommendations to support you along the way. These two packages include a 15-20 minute complimentary consultation to ensure it is a good fit. Additionally, the timeframe of each session is flexible based on your needs and what aligns with your best and highest good. For instance, we may break up the energy healing sessions into 60 min vs 90, or conversations into 30 min vs 60.

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